Event information

Held events in the previous 2015 model back show

1.The 2nd Bakery Japan CUP (Hall No.4)

  • The 2nd Bakery Japan Cup, which is one and only bakery contest for determining the best of "Japanese Bread" produced by the skill of "the Japanese Bakery Artisans", will be held. With a desire to set out a variety of quality bread, elite players having won out regional heats will exert their technique for baking Japanese bread to perfection. Come to see it in expectancy.
  • Tournament schedule
    1st day Prepared Bread Sector
    2nd day Sweet Buns Sector
    3rd day Hotel Bread Sector
    4th day Products after quaterfinals will be displayed.

2.Demonstrative Presentation Corner by All Japan Wagashi Fair Committees and Wagashi Artisans (Hall No.4)

  • A product fair and product exhibition of Japanese various craft confectionery, including quality Wagashi, will be held. Please fully enjoy the Traditional Japanese Food and the World of Beauty.
  • Also, demonstrative presentation of quality Wagashi, including Nerikiri, will be provided by Wagashi technicians having the most excellent technique and bearing the title of selected Wagashi professional.
  • Moreover, among the visitors to this corner, 400 hundred visitors per day will be provided with a chance of tasting baked-up products. Come to join the corner.

3.School Corner

  • For people who aim at being a food engineer of tomorrow, a school corner is provided in cooperation with known bakery and confectionery schools in metropolitan areas.
  • Participating Schools
    International Confectionery College
    Nihon Confectionery College
    Futaba Confectionery School

4.Confectionery Event Corner (Hall No.7)

  • Demonstrative presentation will be provided by known Japanese patissiers, chefs and young and energetic bakers and confectioners. Do not miss a chance to watch Japanese technique for manufacturing western-style cakes and confections, which is referred to as the highest one in the world.
  • Demonstration content
    Global Patisserie Supporters Club
    Demonstrative presentation and a talk show mainly by patissiers participating in WPTC will be provided.
    Cercle De Chefs
    "A Circle of Chefs of Next Generation Loving French Confectionery and Proposing A Theme"
    - Young and energetic bakers and confectioners will provide demonstrative presentation together with a talk show. -
    Club De La Galette Des Rois
    Not only the appeal, culture and how-to-enjoy of French traditional confectionery, including "Galette Des Rois", but also demonstrative presentation of confectionery based on the theme "Nouvelle tradition a ma lacon" will be provided.

5.Comprehensive Demonstrative Presentation by Players from International Bakery Contests (Hall No.8)

  • Gorgeous! Representative players participating in international contests and having rich experience in big contests will get together to provide demonstrative presentations. Please give a cheer for representative players aiming at appearing on the world stage.
  • Booth A: Open training of Japanese players having experience in 2015 iba Cup and 2015 Monde Du Art Du Pain will be held as well as demonstrative presentation by successive representative players will be provided.
  • Booth B: Open training of Japanese representative players participating in 2016 Coup Du Monde will be held.
  • Booth C: Demonstrative presentation of bread baking by successive players of the three major contests and other volunteers will be provided.